Anita La Silva

Anita La Selva plays Zo'or, the ruthless Taelon leader determined to enslave Earth's people to ensure the survival of his occupying race, in Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict.

La Selva calls herself a "Roddenberry addict," who closely followed Star Trek and the subsequent television series and feature films.  Regarding her role as Zo'or, she says the Taelon leader is not a traditional villain and she enjoys bringing out his more hidden aspects.  

La Selva guest-starred in ATLANTIS FILMS' television series TekWar, as well as the series The Great Defender, Kung Fu, Spenser, Secret Service, Forever Knight, Top Cops and Comics.  She also appeared in the ATLANTIS television movie The Alex Kelly Story, Mistrial with Bill Pullman, and Under the Piano with Theresa Stratas, Amanda Plummer and Megan Follows.  Her independent film credits include What Wants to be Spoken, What Remains to be Said, Stage Hands and Blessed Boy.  She recently completed the television series pilot, Second Coming.  She also has an extensive background in the theater which includes more than 25 stage credits.

La Selva was born in Toronto and later moved to Stratford, Ontario, where her parents were costumers for the famous Stratford Festival.  She went on to complete a degree in English and Drama at the University of Toronto, and moved to England to study at The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts from 1988 to 1989.  She also completed continuing study courses with selected instructors in voice and acting in England, Canada and the United States.

La Selva makes her home in Toronto and when not engaged on the screen or stage, performs flamenco with the Esmeralda Enrique Dance Company.

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