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Special Thanks:


Who taught me patiently how to handle images. All the advice that you gave me to make this site possible.

I love you. Thanks.

 Lady Guinevere

Thank you for helping me in choosing the right site.


Thank you for inspiring me.

Julius & Reinhard Valdoz

My wonderful technician and his cousin. Thank you for helping me in finding the right software for this site. And the one who did all the legwork since mine is not working properly.

To'va Bratt

You are wonderful. Thank you for helping me look for a site where to find the tapes I needed for this site.

Joan Cox

Thank you for your support.

I love you.


Thank you for allowing me to use the picture in your site.

Love you.


Thank you for inspiring me as well.


Who also taught how to handle images. And share with me where to get a software for making screen savers.

Seven & T'thom

My two Taelon language teachers. Who taught me the language for my fanfiction.

Stella Gorman

For allowing me to use her images for my site.

I'll do my best to give justice to your hard work.

Da'an Consort

Thank you for trusting me with your precious recordings of the show.

Kim Clarke

Who have shared her writings to the site. Thank you very much.


Your hands gifted. Keep it up. Thank you for allowing this site to display your drawings.


Thank you for allowing your wonderful works to be used in this site.

Sorissa Spearman

To our new writer. Thank you for trusting your work to this site.


To our male vervion of Madonna, thank you for being our image researher.

Photos on this page are from Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict Official Site
and are copyright 2001, Tribune Entertainment Co.

However, some of the photos are taken by Anna  with the use of Video Cutter Software and Stella Gorman. All rights reserved.

Text & background were designed by the Unification Movement © 2001, All rights reserved.
For any suggestions, comments, complaints, or request please contact Mi'raa.