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Q. How can I use your images?

A. Contact the Webmaster. State the following:

Indicate where and how it would be use.
If it is gonna be used in making wallpaper, kindly indicate if it is for publishing in a site or for private use.

However, if it is for publishing, please indicate what site it gonna be publish. If you gonna use it for your personal site please give the URL address for the webmaster to check it out and who knows he might link your site to this site.

Note: Humor pictures will be checked by webmaster. But If you want to find an idea what is acceptable to the webmaster see the Link page and check out After Dark on the Taelon Mothership or Stella`s humorous picture at Jayne Heitmeyer`s official website.  BUT PLEASE DO NOT COPY.

Q. Can I publish my Wallpaper Creations?

A. You can send your creations by e-mail attachments in. jpeg format.

Q. How can I Submit Fanfiction Stories?

A. Submit your written works in any of these formats:

(a) Wordpad
(b) Notepad
(C) WinWord

Via e-mail attachment. Please indicate what format did you use. Your work must not exceed 10 pages, single space legal size format. It must have romance, action, intrigue, and a touch of humor, morality issues, and mystery.

Note: For the convenience of the webmaster, please submit the said story in double space format for easy checking. Then the webmaster will convert it into single space after all the corrections have been done. Imagine yourself as the writer of show. However bear in mind that it is a must keep that the Roddenberry legacy intact.

Please indicate if you wish to submit regularly. So, you can have your own page within the site.

NOTE: For those who have copies of the scripts please DO NOT COPY.

Q. How I submit my creations?

Click on SUBMIT, then on SUBJECT please indicate what is your creation; wallpaper, stories, or caption images.

Ex. Subject: Wallpaper

Photos on this page are from Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict Official Site
and are copyright 2001, Tribune Entertainment Co.

However, some of the photos are taken by Anna  with the use of Video Cutter Software and Stella Gorman. All rights reserved.

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